Saturday, May 7, 2011

Low BP - Patient Education

A large percentage of people consider themselves 'suffering' from 'low BP' (Blood Pressure). The symptoms of the conditions include a fainting attack or tiredness, and is often diagnosed by paramedical people or 'expert' layman. The treatment even includes excessive salt intake!

I devout consider amount of my consulting time, telling people that 'low BP' doesn't exist as a chronic disease. The BP  of a person can fall suddenly, even to dangerous levels, due to various reasons such as bleeding, dehydration, or allergic reaction. But the body takes adequate measures immediately, to maintain the Blood Pressure.

The body is capable of adjusting and maintaining the required blood pressure on second to second basis, otherwise, a sitting person won't be able to stand. The body should immediately raise the pressure, or the blood won't reach adequately to his brain, and he'll have a black out.

Body is not that much concerned with high blood pressure, because no sudden adverse events will occur due to it. So, while high blood pressure can occur as a chronic disease, not low blood pressure.

BP is variable between the patients. Normal blood pressure is considered as 120/80, but there are large number of people, whose normal is at 90/60. It's their normal blood pressure, not that they are hypotensive (low BP).

finally, I have a doubt, why no one complains of Low Temperature?

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