Friday, May 6, 2011

Abortion - Patient Education

Abortion early in pregnancy is very common. About 10% of diagnosed pregnancies end up in abortions (and many more pregnancies abort before they are diagnosed).

The main cause for early abortion (not late abortions, which occur after the first 3 months) is defective embryo. The formation of embryo, by fusion of male and female gametes, and the formation of the gametes themselves are delicate processes, and are prone to end up in chromosomally defective embryos. It's natures way to discard these defective embryos by means of abortion.

So, it's not the woman's defect, any problem with her uterus, any hormonal deficiencies (often cited cause), or any food or physical strain which causes the abortion. That means, the woman is not at risk of abortion, and if she aborts, it 's just a chance event. She is not at increased risk of abortion in her subsequent pregnancies.

Not knowing these people often unnecessarily get worried, and take a lot of precautions, which wont help, if the pregnancy is destined to abort.

Why  abortion is not caused by other causes

The early development of an embryo is a delicate process, with formation of all parts like brain, heart etc. After the initial few weeks, the embryo only gains in size, it's parts have been fully formed. At these delicate time, nature will present it with ideal controlled conditions. It leaves it least to the external factors, and it's mainly directed by it's internal processes themselves. So, maternal physical environment has least effect on embryo, and if the pregnancy fails, it's embryo's own fault. A pregnancy can be compared to a rocket. It's launch is a very delicate process, and the control of launch is mainly by internal arrangement. The base station takes over only after the rocket has managed to scale some to some altitude on it's own. If something goes wrong at the launch, they are not correctable, and the mission simply aborts.

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