Friday, October 8, 2010

Magsulf intermittant I.v Therpy for Eclampsia

Magsulf is the main agent in the treatment of eclampsia currently. And it is given as I.v bolus plus infusion. The bolus elevates the serum Mg level to required range and infusion is started to maintain the level. Mg is solely excreted by kidney at a rate proportional to urinary output.

I found advantages in giving hourly I.v boluses of Mg instead of infusion. 1 g hourly dose is given over 5 min. When we do that, we can maintain fluid input at desired rate, skip the Mg doses if urine output is unsatisfactory, and don't have to worry about inadvertent running of whole drip fast and overloading the patient with mg. the blood level fluctuation of mg is less compared to earlier 4 hourly im therapy, but may be more than iv infusion. anyhow, Considering the advantages and convenience, I recommend intermittant iv therapy
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